A decentralized social network, that fairly rewards content creators & curators.


An Economy of Respect


Free open-source decentralised code that runs in a web-browser.


A non-proprietary platform where the user is in control.

Embedded Economy

A system that justly prices the consumer while fairly rewarding content creators & curators.

Censorship Resistant

Globally replicated decentralized bittorrent based content-storage.

More signal

No ads, spam or trolling. Less noise.

Fair Distribution

Proof-of-work mining ensures sybil-resistant fair distribution.

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Thanks for your interest in the project. Our ICO is scheduled to launch on February 6th 2017. To better understand Respectonomy, please read our Whitepaper.
We are planning to come with an initial supply of 5 Million RES Tokens out of which 4 Million tokens will be offered in the crowdsale for raising maximum 2000 Bitcoins in the process. Detailed Terms will be announced soon.
One Million tokens are reserved for bounuses, bounty giveaways and early adopters of RES tokens in ICO. Any remaining tokens will be distributed amongst developers, seed investors, marketers and further additions into development and marketing.
Most of the funds will be spent on developement and marketing of the platform. Utilization of ICO funds is as follows-
  1. Development would mostly include-
    • Hiring new developers and
    • Bug Bounties
  2. Marketing & Operations on the other hand would be spending on seminars, press releases, inviting bloggers, operating expenses, etc.
  3. If and only if needed, buy walls to safeguard ICO Investors, else remaining funds will be put in reserves to be used for any unforeseen expenses.

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