Meet the Team

It doesn’t take dreams to achieve the unachievable & it doesn’t take strength to walk the unknown. It takes courage and perseverance …


The User

This project wouldn’t be possible without you. In a decentralized system, users are directly responsible for running the system. That means without your work, the work of rest of the team is irrelevant. It’s up to you if the noise of ads, spam & trolling is silenced, It’s up to you if information gets to be heard, It’s up to you if karma ends up being just a dream or something that comes back you multi-fold!

Miss Budchai

The Founder

Very few times in life do you find a person who believes in doing more for others than the self. Miss Budchai is a young entrepreneur & philanthropist and believes in helping anyone she can. The idea for a decentralized platform first came to her due to the various user grievances she saw on other blog sites. Miss Budchai firmly believes that the Respectonomy is going to change the world for the users and it is this belief that has been a constant source of inspiration for the team.

How many men does it take to make a code ? How many men does it take to change the world ? Read below and know them all.

The Team



After completing Bachelors in Engineering in Electronics & Tele-communication, FireBird has spent 4 years in the telecommunication industry and helped revolutionize the telecoms industry by creating the Next Generations LTE Networks. Currently he is immersed in peer-To-peer technology, TOR and Decentralized networks and Network Securities. FireBird believes that the blockchain technologies will change the way how we are thinking about digital entities, and this transformation will be full of discoveries and invention.

FireBird is one of the developers who will be responsible for the coding and development of Respectonomy. Being a Networking Specialist, he will take care of writing P2P algorithms that the platform demands.

Thunder Bolt


ThunderBolt has a rich educational and programming background. Having completed his Bachelors and Masters of Engineering in Computer Technology, he taught a bunch of CS disciplines like Microprocessors, System Programming, Compiler Construction, Theoretical Computer Science and Programming. He is an expert in neural networks and core programming. ThunderBolt is a cryptography and designing enthusiast. He is passionate about solving complex and challenging problems. Fascinated by the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he is currently working on decentralized applications.

A Blockchain Enthusiast, Thunderbolt will be engaged in designing and developing decentralized applications as well as a blockchain to be used with the Platform.


Web Developer

A Masters in Computer Engineering and A Bachelor in Information Technology, VicktorX has been designing beautiful looking websites since the time he started his degree. Apart from giving web owners a site they are proud to show to the world, he makes it a point to give a complete support package to both, the owner and the site user. VicktorX believes that anything which is half baked doesn’t deserve to exist in this world and when you browse this website, it definitely shows!

He is responsible for designing, coding, and modifying Respectonomy’s website, as well as core platform development. He will strive to create a visually appealing site that features user-friendly designs and clear navigation.

Red Sonja

Digital Marketer

When it comes to marketing, you need a person who can hit the ground running. Sonja has been doing just that since the last 3 years. Keeping the user in the groove about the recent advances or be it keeping the web owners appraised of the recent user beliefs, Sonja is the go-to girl. She earnestly thinks that her field has no working-hours and you will find her always online and always ready to help.

She will act as a bridge to pass information right from developer’s desk to open world. Content development, press releases, updating on ongoing development, and blogging on Respectonomy are a few things on her to-do list.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Trading Specialist

A Management graduate in finance, Mr. Fox is not the kind of guy who you will see smiling. Always serious, this guy has been doing what he does best since longer than he can remember. He believes that stocks are likes babies, the more you give it, the more will come back to you. Mr. Fox is the guy that got the whole reward programme started. Thank him, you should!

Making sure the counter never runs dry of volume at exchanges will consume most of his time here. Market making, buying walls (if required), and interactions with exchanges for listing Respectonomy are just a few of his roles.


Strategic Head

The father figure to the whole team, Asterix has been responsible for keeping the team working together ! A management postgraduate, he is the guy that devised the road map for Respectonomy. He has been in the industry for more than a decade and believes that hardwork is the only way to success.He loves football and doesn’t take no for an answer! You don’t want to mess with the guy, he kicks hard !

As the Strategic Head, he is responsible for conceptualizing and executing each new strategy, designing and monitoring performance measures, devising the roadmap, etc, in and around Respectonomy. Team coordination and supervision forms a major part of his role.